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• Recognising Taurus • Taurus Human • Taurus Life
Taurus Human

Taurus Woman

Taurus women are sensible, gracious, soft spoken and practical. They are very much self controlled. They are not the ones who complain at small things rather they are women with great strength and are extremely hard working.

They don’t like men who want to build ‘Rome in a day’ rather a person who wants to create a good foundation and build his strong future over it. They will take good care of the house and will be a very good host. They will be well- dressed and are good cooks. At home they need a very peaceful environment but that does not mean that they are afraid of struggles. If they see a problem nearing their house , they will fiercely face them.

As mother's they are very kind, loving and encouraging. But this mother cannot see indiscipline, disobedience, untidiness in the house and this could enrage her,otherwise she will be more like a friend.

Taurus Man

Taurus man’s love is simple, plain and honest.All what he wants is a peaceful and comfortable environment served with good food. And he will be the most considerate, affectionate person inspite of all your faults which any other man would constantly criticize.

He will give you emotional and financial security. He has great patience to love and listen to you. But don’t forget that he is a stubborn bull. He is a husband who will be very generous to his wife. He will buy her whatever she requires.

As a lover he will prefer a girl who is soft spoken, feminine and intelligent.

Taurus man is a loving, affectionate, warm father. He will be patient and listen to his children . He will buy them expensive gifts but also ensure that they are disciplined. He will also see to it that his children get his time however busy he might be.

Taurus Child

A Taurean child needs a secured home with a daily routine. He should feel that his home is the safest place and this child benefits well from gentle encouragement.

Taurus Boss

A Taurus boss is patient, strong and dependable. He is a practical man who does an intense research before taking his decisions. He is a slow and steady person. He speaks less and expects you also to speak to the point. He never believes in short cuts. He is a person who is absolutely rigid in his decisions. He is determined and stubborn.

But if he is happy with your work, he will make sure that you are satisfied with the job.

Taurus Employee

A Taurus employee is trustworthy and dependable. You can call him anytime and he will be there for you. A Taurus employee looks for a job that gives him security so a job with fluctuating salary will do no good. He is very hard working and will always show willingness to work. He has a good potential to handle money.

Taurus Friend

A Taurean is a good host. He will love calling his friends home and entertaining them. Taureans are surely loyal and trustworthy friends. He is an honest friend.

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