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Gift a Solution
GIFT A SOLUTION is an unique way of gifting. Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals ,we never fall short of oppurtunities to express our love to our near and dear ones. But how many times do you get a chance to show how much you care, how you want to be a part of their ups and downs and how they are always included in your prayers.

Life is a vicious circle having an equal share of happiness and sadness. But for every problem there has to be a solution. Keep your loved ones always protected from all the evils and problems.
GIFT them a bright and peaceful future.

Though you are apart, let them feel your presence through small divine tokens which would not just communicate your wishes but also last for a lifetime.
Tears of Lord Shiva - Rudraksha Beads
Rudraksha Beads are considered as powerful and divine spiritual accessories to simplify various life issues. It is believed wearing or worshipping Rudraksha Beads results into positive changes in an individual and his surroundings. GIFT these divine solutions to your loved ones for problems relating to health, finances, marriage, business and any such facets of life. Let them know you care and aim to make their life worth living.
Life - EmotionsMarriagePersonality
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Antique Brass Shankar ..   
Antique Brass Shankar Parvati with Naga

Rs6,784 ($111.05)
Rs5,427 ($88.84)

Kalia Krishna   
Kalia Krishna

Rs660 ($10.80)

Propitious Brass Gayat..   
Propitious Brass Gayatri Maa

Rs4,561 ($74.66)
Rs3,649 ($59.73)


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