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Sparkles Diamond Jewellery Gift Voucher

Sparkles Diamond Jewellery Gift Voucher (GV123)
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Rs2,000 ($29.04)

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Sparkles voucher

Rs0 ($0.00)
Rs2,000 ($29.04)
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  • Sparkles diamond jewellery gift voucher.
  • Poddar Diamond Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing of cut and polished diamonds and diamond studded jewellery. The target of the business has always been to sell its?polished diamonds in the form of jewellery to retailers across the globe.
  • Our stronghold has always been manufacturing and export of cut and polished diamonds. Our 22 years of experience is clearly reflected in the range of polish that we provide at extremely affordable prices.
  • We pioneered branded jewellery segment in the Indian market almost 15 years back with the brand called ?parkles? which spans over 250 locations in India.
  • Our extremely receptive product design department makes sure we are all well aware of the jewellery trends in the European markets.
  • Our latest designs are well accepted by our European customers. We are specialized in designing products for different occasions and different markets.
  • We have a vast selection of over 10,000 designs to choose from with about 100 designs added every month.
  • Our marketing team offers a wide range of services to customers looking for personalized marketing support.
  • This voucher can be redeemed against any product available at Sparkles outlets in India.
  • Click on 'Outlets deliverable to' given above, to see the list of cities where the voucher can be redeemed.
  • Available in multiple denominations, please select the denominations of the voucher from the drop down box given below.
  • Vouchers will be sent in multiple denomination of INR. 1000. ( e.g. INR 2000 voucher will have vouchers in denomination of 1000 x 2.)
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    • Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
    • Vouchers should be redeemed before the expiry date mentioned on the vouchers. Vouchers once expired shall not be renewed.

    Please Note

    Valentine is on 14th February, 2018. We do not guarantee delivery of orders placed on and after 9th February, BUT will make all efforts within our control to deliver your gift on time.
    Valentine orders will be delivered between the 10th February- 14th February and not necessarily on the preferred date as given in the order unless the delivery is specified for before 9th February.
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